Photographs of the remodelled Penhallick

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The allotments alongside the station throat.


Beached boats.

The tide is out leaving a couple of boats high and dry.


BR Vans.

Some BR Vans parked in Penhallick goods yard.


Little Hallick bridge.

The bridge that spans Little Hallick Creek.


Coal yard and Red Lion.

Penhallick coal yard and the Red Lion pub.


Coral Island Fish Bar.

Every town needs at least one chippy - this is Penhallick's.



None of the birds seems to be the slightest bit intersted in the man fishing below the Penhallick East Junction Signalbox.


Harbour front.

The road that runs between Penhallick station and the harbour front. Has someone reversed into the railings?


Hazel Cottage.

Hazel Cottage with the Southern line in the foreground, the Western one behind.


Lay's Cheeses & the market.

Lay's Cheeses, Cornwall's finest, and the market.


Road overview.

An overview of the main road through Penhallick.


Trecarne housing.

Housing alongside the line by Trecarne General station.


The two lines.

The Western line from Trecarne General on the left and the Southern line from Trecarne Halt on the right.


Trecarne General.

An overview of Trecarne General station.


Penhallick station.

An overview of Penhallick station with evidence of the 1955 Modernisation Plan - a North British "Baby Warship" on the far left and an A C Cars railbus in platform 1.


Penhallick West SB.

Penhallick West Signalbox.


Pig stys.

Pig stys alongside North Cornwall Timber Merchants.


Happy as .....

Contented looking pigs chomping away, oblivious of the post being delivered to the timber merchants.


Reliant van.

A Reliant van parked by the kerb in Penhallick. Perhaps the driver is making a 'phone call, or maybe he's at the market ahead.


River Hallick.

The River Hallick at Penhallick.



It seems there are always some roadworks going on, and Penhallick is no exception to this - conveniently just opposite the Crown & Mitre!



The rooftops of Penhallick.


Station throat.

Penhallick station throat.


The Dolphin.

The Dolphin pub and Quay Street garage.


Trecarne General.

Th platform at Trecarne General station.


Trecarne Yard.

The Goods Yard at Trecarne General.


Train at Trecarne General.

Small prairie and B set in Trecarne General platform.


Trecarne General.

Overview of Trecarne General station and Goods Yard.


Train departing.

Prairie and B set departing Trecarne General.


Tunnel vision.

View through the bridges towards the short tunnel outside Trecarne General station.