Terry Jones' Photographs

Terry Jones took a series of photographs for an article in the November 2015 edition of 'Hornby Magazine' and has kindly allowed us to use them here. To do them justice this page has thumbnails that, when clicked, will open a larger sized version of each photo.

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Town scene.

Town scene and the entrance to the goods yard.


Town scene.

Town scene with market on left.


Station view.

Overall view of the station with the "Atlantic Coast Express" newly arrived in platform 2.


Approaching platform 3.

A Class 3MT Standard Tank on a short passenger train approaching platform 3.


View of station throat.

A view across North Cornwall Timber Merchants to the station throat, with N Class mogul 31812 on an engineer's train in the goods loop.


Loco yard.

View of the loco yard with Beattie WT 30586 entering the turntable as the engineer's train enters the goods loop.


Mixed train.

A Class 4MT Standard tank 80036 approaching the station with a short mixed train of two Maunsell coaches and two fish vans.


At the outer home.

The Standard 4 tank is about to pass the Penhallick outer home signals.


Foreign visitors.

57xx Class pannier tank 4694 with Western Region coaching stock approaches Penhallick on the Southern line.


Spamcan by the beach.

Bulleid West Country Class light pacific 34002 Salisbury passing the beach with Maunsell three set 329.


Close up of 34002 Salisbury.

Close up of 34002 Salisbury.


Steam meets diesel.

Maunsell U1 Class mogul 31902 approaching Penhallick as a DMU waits on the Western line for small prairie 4571 with goods to clear the single line.


Country end.

A view across the traverser towards the Western branch. The Southern's Trecarne Halt at bottom right.


Western branch.

45xx and DMU in the Western station.


Western passenger.

57xx Class pannier tank 4666 leaves the tunnel with a passenger service.


Western station.

The station throat at the end of the Western line.


Overall view.

On the left is the Western branch line, next across is the traverser at the end of the Southern main line and across to the right is Penhallick.